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Re: Marriage Advice

Hi... I analyze chart with help of 4 step theory... today, 5th July, 2019 @21.09 hrs, birmingham, alabama, ruling planets were
lagna lord - saturn, moonstarlord - ketu, moonsignlord - sun, daylord - venus

As per birth details, 7th Cuspal Sublord is venus. Venus is connected with ruling planets...

Venus is in mrigashira nakshatra ruled by mars and in sub of jupiter. jupiter is in purva phalguni nakshatra ruled by venus.

Jupiter is in venus star, hence venus will not signifying houses that it owns and occupies on planet level. However venus which is in taurus is in conjunction with 2nd cusp. Venus is aspected by saturn. saturn is in 5th and lord of 10th and 11th. Ketu is in 10th.

Mars is in 5th and lord of 1st and 8th. Moon and mercury are in jupiter star. On starlevel venus will signify the houses that it owns that is 2nd and occupies that is 7th( 7th house is empty).

so venus strong significators are
venus as a planet - 2, aspected by saturn 5,11
starlord mars - 5,1,8
sublord jupiter - none
jupiter's starlord is venus - 2,7, aspected by saturn 5,11

7th Cuspal Sublord venus is significator of 2nd(kutumbh, addition to family), 7th(primary house of marriage), 11th( gains of all kinds)..

7th Cuspal sublord promises marriage. It is also significator of 5th(7th from 11th and 8th(2nd from 7th). Both 5th and 8th are supportive houses for marriage. 8th also represents delays,hurdles, difficulties.

The person is 1980 born and currently in 39th year of his life. why the person is still not married, because of saturn and moon connection. Saturn is in 5th house and aspecting moon. Moon is in sub of saturn. This all is causing punarphoo dosha.. punarphoo dosha effects are that it delays's marriage, broken engagement, spouse been not the first choice etc... punarphoo dosha doesn't not denies marriage, it delays marriage, provided the 7th cuspal sublord promises the marriage and dasa/bhukti/anatra supports the claim...

when the marriage will happen - mercury/rahu/rahu...may/june 2021...

characteristics of the spouse - good health,attractive face,emotional,faithful, somewhat fat or heavy build body..

Good luck and pls post update on this...
Kiran Mahyavanshi
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