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JupiterASC is right.

Observe your anger, but don't act upon it.
The more you indulge the anger, the angrier you get.
Transcend above yourself and view your anger from an enlightened perspective .
If you do it long enough your anger will eventually just go away..

That is the basic principle
and it seems so simple

some basic commonsense structure is recommended
in order to practice the concept successfully

A Hungarian friend recommended a book by Roberto Assagioli
PSYCHOSYNTHESIS currently available on amazon in fact
however I found a summary or extract of the core principals
FREE to read at

I recommend the book
even if it is not a manual on meditation as such
- it IS interesting and inexpensive as well as a good way to begin to exercise
the principles of "Identification" and "Disidentification"
which are helpful for meditators

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