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Re: Mercury Dasa what to expect for Saggitarius Ascedant

Originally Posted by abhi252 View Post
Esteemed astrologers,

What does Mercury Mahadasha in general hold for Saggitarius ascendants, being the 7th and 10th lords.

In specific what does it mean for the chart below - attached?

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Many otherwise modern astrology software (reasonably accurate insofar as calculations go) had been including a 'predictive' module based on ancient scriptural texts and modern sources, but seem to be failing on that particular premise somewhat (in fact quite a bit!).

Unfortunately, their kind-hearted good-will has resulted in a simplistic notion which many queries portray and have been doing so for quite some-time!

Much better and straight-forward approach it is to seek a personal reading from many astrologers who provide that service and in a more comprehensive manner using a multi-factorial approach...!

When a dasa is calculated entirely based on the natal moon, should one be focusing instead on the ascendant...? Even in exploring general matters...?
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