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Re: Account for karmic life changes in Astrology derived & dependent on Birth Moment?

Originally Posted by insight View Post
My understanding based on discussions and reading is that SANCHITA is full summation... while PRARABDH is the AMOUNT of KARMA out of SANCHIT that a SOUL or at DIVINE level one has DECIDED to EXPERIENCE & ENCOUNTER in X/ Current life.

The question is for CURRENT LIFE based on PRARABDH - luggage SNAPSHOT that is BROUGHT towards current life instance only..

If Luggage at Time = 0 (Time of Birth) is X,
Then Luggage at Time = Y years (e.g. Y = 30 years), is X +/- Delta X.

From that point onwards is there way to better DETERMINE JYOTISH PARAMETERS and UPDATE ones UPDATED Luggage Flow (X +/- Delta X) instead of still GAUGING only based on Karmic luggage X (from time of birth).

What Jyotish Parameters can/ should be used to SYNC / CORRELATE between.. LIFE FLOW begun at a BIRTH and LIFE FLOW having changed 30 years after BIRTH...

After all no Jyotish ever claims perfect THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE.. They highlight WHAT WILL BE, BASED on WHAT WE CAN SEE, BASED on WHAT LUGGAGE was CARRIED OVER at TIME of BIRTH.

Its like a Stock Market... you calculate investment strategy & stuff at time of IPO...

But 30 years later that Stock has UPDATED and one must find ways to UPDATE the next steps of Investment Strategy (of ONES LIFE).

Originally Posted by insight View Post
I just opened these articles and I feel lost in trying to read them.

Simple question .. to all vedic or non vedic frameworks..

Is there some VARIABLES/ PARAMETERS in the FRAMEWORKS to Determine & Calculate for what has CHANGED (is the DELTA of Karmic Baggage since time of Birth at time t=0) since time of Birth SNAPSHOT.

At Birth:
SK = S
AG = A

So the Snapshot or Astrochart / Patri is DATA Variables composed of PK values. Righ?

At Death

Assuming SK is only recalculated summation at Death

At t = 20, 30, 40 years.. whatever age..

i.e. t +10, t +20 etc.

What Jyotish parameters
allow/ enable one to gauge.. changing nature of

PK & AK i.e. change in P & A i.e. Delta P & Delta A

at time t + X.


In summary, any Astro science is nothing but these 2 steps:

1. Astral Space & Time Math - Measure & Calculate
2. Interpret its meaning & Significance.


From your replies it seems your thoughts/explanations are much embellished in 'ganitha' and equations and mathematics.........

Higher Philosophies, and even Actions, Karmas, Impressions cannot just be explained/analyzed productively by only Equations and Ganitha; leave alone the question of God & even morality.

In addition to my earlier reply below which you chose not to reply to, let me add that I am a reasonably serious researcher of destiny since the past many years (about 40 years)...
Thus forty years of experiencing Divinatory crafts, life and destiny, in which I have found that everything could not be foretold & demarcated by Astrology of the Zodiac......for which I also researched other crafts of divination like Palmistry & Astrology......and found better explanations of those points in life which we can change and the ones we cannot.

(one may term my statements as self marketing, which is not entirely untrue; as explaining oneself is self marketing).
Anyway the "Proof of the Pudding lies in the eating"

Actions, Karmas, Impressions has to change in life; And there are prediction mechanisms 'even' in Jyotish, called dasas.

There are 3 types of Dasas, and about 40 dasa systems; for predicting changes through the mind, Physical self and even spiritual, including impressions, and it would do you good to study and EXPERIENCE a few of these.

I wonder if you are well studied in any of these predictive divinations to discount their accuracy in predictingthe above mentioned


Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post
Hello Insight,

Very good questions!

At first, in this world of impatience that we are living in, it will do you good to go through my website in details to help in getting the understanding of my replies to much of your query.

Then, go through a little bit of what multi crafts can give one in future telling and also knowledge into the self.

Mind you, the free predictions made are just a short time devoted, thus very incomplete.

In my studies in astrology I came across the twin births too.
The K.P. method in astrology possibly give some/an answer to this.

While studying and experiencing astrology I realised that even a twin has different birth registered names and palms, mounts, and even whorls.

II realised, after studying and experiencing palmistry, I understood that certain things palms predict is not easily seen in astrology, and very much vice versa.

Then in later years I went along to study and experience Numerology in depth, and realised the same.

Predicting through astrology by itself is incomplete.

A peek at the success stories of palmistry (google links) at my website will give the scope of palmistry.
The numerology success stories haven't yet updated properly yet.

Vedic astrology or Jyotish (Jyoti + Isha) means the Divine Science/craft of of light (or the third eye).
I have begun to believe that all these 3 crafts (and others, if any) are part of this.

Together we get better light of divination.
One just has to experience and ........

Astro-Palmist & Numerologist
Serious consultations, solutions, & accurate timings to specific questions
for political/mundane predictions

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