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Re: Account for karmic life changes in Astrology derived & dependent on Birth Moment?

Originally Posted by Crystalpages View Post
I just opened these articles and I feel lost in trying to read them.

Simple question .. to all vedic or non vedic frameworks..

Is there some VARIABLES/ PARAMETERS in the FRAMEWORKS to Determine & Calculate for what has CHANGED (is the DELTA of Karmic Baggage since time of Birth at time t=0) since time of Birth SNAPSHOT.

At Birth:
SK = S
AG = A

So the Snapshot or Astrochart / Patri is DATA Variables composed of PK values. Righ?

At Death

Assuming SK is only recalculated summation at Death

At t = 20, 30, 40 years.. whatever age..

i.e. t +10, t +20 etc.

What Jyotish parameters
allow/ enable one to gauge.. changing nature of

PK & AK i.e. change in P & A i.e. Delta P & Delta A

at time t + X.


In summary, any Astro science is nothing but these 2 steps:

1. Astral Space & Time Math - Measure & Calculate
2. Interpret its meaning & Significance.
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