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Re: Happily married despite rahu in seventh. Kindly analyze the chart

Originally Posted by scoobydoo View Post
Dear members, I am new to astrology and would appreciate if you could clarify some of the doubts which I have about this particular chart. The native (a female) seems to be happily married. Her husband is devoted and successful. They are currently living abroad. But when you look at her chart, all the indications seem to suggest that her married life should be problematic. Here are few points which I found:
1. Rahu in seventh
2. Seventh lord Jupiter is retrograde and placed in the sixth house in the sign of aquarius
3. Eighth lord Mars in fourth house aspecting the seventh house
4. Ascendant lord Mercury in twelfth and combust. Also it receives the aspect of saturn
5. She got married during the antar dasha of ketu
I am completely unable to understand how this lady does not seem to be having any problem with regard to her husband. Or is it that i am missing something. Please suggest. Below are her details:
Dob - 29.08.1986
Time- 8:40 am
Place - kolkata

Do you have access to, permission of and willingness to share the correct birth data of the spouse? That would really enhance the value of this thread and presumably more meaningful participation from dear forum members...

Thanks in advance
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