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Re: Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

Originally Posted by Pandit Rudra View Post
Venus is the planet that represent ego. Venus can be very egoistic. In the chart, if Venus is strong, the person makes a lot his decisions not through God but through his ego but whether Venus is 12th or 1st or 2nd from the Sun, the Sun's influence is often felt, and since Venus number is 6 which is an expansion of 1 which is the number from the Sun, it shows Venus gets her powers from the Sun actually (the Goddesses in Vedic all get the combined powers of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma).

Though you continue to show up in this cyber-form with the *banned* label, Pandit ji, Shukra (Bhrigu) was not a goddess but a teacher of perhaps a different kind...?

Even Jupiter had to send his OWN son to Bhrigu to learn about sanjeevani? Immortality?? You all I am sure know the rest of that fable?

Fables though educational, SADLY fall in wrong hands and that is how superstitions enter and victimize the nativities and their advisors...?
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