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Re: Which planet represents the ego in Vedic astrology?

Some say that venus tempts; mars commits the crime

The missing line is perhaps: when jupiter and/or sun are not overseeing mercury...?

{Recently on a S.M. platform, folks were arguing about venus=material, jupiter = spiritual and moral, etc. Others disagreed and claimed that sun is the spiritual one and a few even said so about other planets etc. My sense was that the discussants were forgetting that while the planetary devas (heuristic symbols in astrology!) have been attributed with certain characteristics, virtues and faults etc., human beings (we all) are the sum-total resultants of all planets etc in our charts and express/project/perform according to the planetary make-up in our charts and few if any individuals respond to and perform in tune with any given planet etc in our charts. Sometimes it may seem that a strong planet is significant, but we forget that that naturally makes other planet or planets as weak or inexpressive, relatively speaking? In the spectrum of our humanness, these represent the light and dark bands which make each of us individuals and kind of unique in that sense, lumps and all...!}

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