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Originally Posted by Crystalpages View Post
There is no easy or single answer to this question. Since you are interested in exploring this matter, and are undecided about which zodiac and system to use, if I were in your shoes (mind-set), I would suggest examining both systems and not just based on traits and personality dispositions, which can be quite *subjective* approaches, but also examine the significant events that have come to pass already in life and see if one or the other system (and there are more than two approaches, in both western and eastern systems of astrology) fits better the experienced reality. With considerable sincere efforts and investment in time, I am sure you will be better able to decide which methodical approach gives you a more definitive answer and will be more satisfactory to your pursuit. This would be way more convincing to you rather than seeking a quick and simple answer through an opinion-poll. Had there been a universally acceptable answer to the quest that bothers you, then only a single system would have prevailed over the hundreds if not thousands of years that astrological divinatory systems have prevailed and were practised by different cultures, communities and regions in this world.

I wish you success in your research and search for the system that you feel contented with.
Thank you! I will put deep consideration into examining both systems. I wasn't just thinking in terms of traits nor personality but also medically building a profile that best interacts with the Psychology and Medical aspect of person. Medical is something one cannot ignore (especially heredity because it's biology that connects pysch to the human anatomy) it plays a significant role to systems. I was framing my opinion moreso around Medical but both are important systems to understand.

What would be bothering, is not so much a one system approach but rather being on a completely wrong system/chart. If medical can teach a person anything it would be a wrong chart will render more errors than a chart being close enough or nearly accurate.

- Opperate on the wrong body = dangerous outcomes
- Prescribe wrong meds to patient = dangerous outcomes
- Read from the wrong patients chart = dangerous outcomes

Another way I view it is numbers have infinite possibilities but if one calculates inaccuaretly then it is inaccuarate because numbers are unforgiving patterns are brutally honest but can render dangerous
(ie micro-biology, biology, symbolism, etc, etc) thats my thought process and my reasoning in being not so full on, a one stystem approach.

I do appreciate your feedback it was helpful.

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