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Originally Posted by mathur_dinesh View Post
Anybody competent in a branch of astrology should be able to speak on the past, present and future of the children. In my opinion to first determine the affinity to a parent by physical/mental characteristics is not needed. This kind of an examination is not a general practice when you start reading the chart of an unknown client.

I sympathize and I do apologize if I sound insensitive but in regaurds to the children in my case after my medical doctors picked up on how things were manifesting to each child, I along with the doctors threw out generalities of ethical practice. We, on both ends made gambles (rolling of the dice) in a 50/50 split that doctors wouldnt normally do, but DID, under circumstances, that normal people would not do (as they'd deem it too extreme) and in the end, turned out, exactly as fate would've had it played out.

Charts are not equal and I understand your p.o.v its what any competent astrologer would say.

What Im saying is, I am okay testing beyond the general practice of Astrology if it places them on the chart that actually applys to them.

I dont know how to read vedic charts and
I didnt mean to single any child out I was merely trying to narrow down child to chart/parent-child-to-chart even though its not done this way.

In another way of looking at it would it better to draw up charts from both Vedic and Western? Is it over the top to want to have a different charts from different branches to assess from?
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