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Which chart to use?

Indecisive on which chart to use..

Ive delayed pulling up a Vedic chart on my two children who have birthmarks stemming from their father side, Im woundering is it their birthright for them to be placed on a Vedic chart??

Ive concluded the father is more Vedic than his Western chart but I have not concluded this for my own kids there are themes to dob, intresting patterns on their tropical chart that I have yet to see if there is any correlation of a father-to-son connection through Vedic.

There are strong ties, deep bonds to the both w father moreso than the others. One who shares almost the exact birthmark to father in exact same place as father and the other it's shoulder-to-sholder like angel wings and lower area hes strongly attached to father none of the others have it nor are they as deeply attached to father.

I dont know anyone who has birthmarks like this to compare and make observations with (chart wise) other than to say they are ancestral birthmarks.

Should they the follow father or stick to an arbitrary (default-tropical) chart?
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