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Re: Relocation prospects

Originally Posted by Haran View Post

Thank you for your responses and also for your Thanks vote.

Regarding point 15 "
(ju will reduce cheating tendency in you) I cannot cheat, even when if i want"
I am sorry for the way it is written by me. Happy to know your reply.

Regarding own house:
Lagna lord and 4th lord are same- chances for own house
Moon with 4th lord and Venus - chances for own house
4th lord receiving asp from Mars (retro) can affect a good house. However Jupiter's aspect will remove the negativity.
Lords of 2,4,12 are in kendra - chances for own house

Remember point 11, and keep that in mind.

Please find attached notepad for remedies.

Thanks, Haran
Thanks Haran for your time and response

Stay bless
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