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Re: What is Shani Good For!!!

shani is not good for material things , infact it is for clearing our karmic account , the moment you start shani mahadasha it gives u failures , losses , debts , health issues specially pain in back and legs , fractures , accidents , and i have seen taurus and libra ascendent ( lagna ) people more suffer then other lagna , as it is yogkaraka so it is doing good for you ,cleaning your karmic debt , making you clean for next dasha in this life or better next birth , but dont expect it will give you material gains and money , even you earn good amount , there will shortage of money in shani mahadasha , one problem going , second about to reach , third fourth fifth coming , it will never allow you to enjoy any single moment of life , this is what shani gives us pain for our bad karmas ,
if you go to school , you enjoy , but then exams time , there is stress , same is shani mahdasha ( testing time )
remedy for shani listen vishnu sahasaranama
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