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Re: Do I still have a YOGAKARAKA even though I use Tropical Astrology

Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post
Chapter 33 of BPHS is about 'effect of karakamsa', and chapter 34 is about yogakarakas, in the version I have.

Then I checked up the pdf version on line, and internet archive version on line. Both concurs with chapter 34 being yogarakaraks.

The chapter 34 on 'yogakarakas' mention yogarakas being determined by lordships.
Throughout my life thats what I understood; and even the PBHS concurs.

Confusing! Oh my God!!


If the Chowkhambha edition mentioned, in chapter 33 or 34 that Yogakarakas are position dependant too, then maybe its a misprint there in the edition or irrelevant inclusions.

Its obvious that yogakarakas are dependent on house lordships.

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