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Re: Do I still have a YOGAKARAKA even though I use Tropical Astrology

I follow the Chaukhamba (Varanasi) edition (in devnagri) in which the chapter 33 contains the section "Yogakaraka Grahas" (citation quoted by me in my sharing). I realize that different versions (english translations and interpretations) have different chapter numbers, including at least one rather popular edition which even has several chapters missing! :-)

As to "confusions" prevailing, it is actually due to different interpretations and possibly preferences of authors and translators, since there is no SOLE-SOURCE available, ALAS...!

One principle that captures the essence of *modern* jyotish is aptly given as, "Munde-munde mati bhinna...!" as you being a veteran jyotish-o-phil must have encountered during your pursuit, undoubtedly! First most folks begin to use scriptures and texts, then that gets followed by statements like, "... as per my experience...!". The non-SOLE-SOURCE readily gets being justified by "SOUL-SOURCE" arguments. The situation then moves from LOGICAL to para-logical, meta-logical, SUPRA-logical, [or even WORSE!] simply indicating that when SOLE-SOURCE (original) is absent or lost over the centuries and millennia, modern and perhaps ancient human minds begin to fill the lacunae and hiatuses through mental mechanisms and processes. Hence so many differences arise.

I suppose, variety is indeed the spice of life and ABSOLUTE unity is a futile dream to achieve in this world and its panoply of DIVERSITY.

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