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Re: Do I still have a YOGAKARAKA even though I use Tropical Astrology

A: As per Parashara, in Chap. 33, Sls. 25-30 the description includes:
- Planets in own, exalted, friendly kshetras (signs) when in mutual angles (kendras) are yogakaraka (especially beneficial)
-- If in 10th, extremely potent for creating benefits

- Planets in own, exalted signs in lagna, 4th, 7th, and particularly the 10th are yogakarakas

- Exalted planets in mutual angles (kendra) placed in lagna, 4th, 7th, and particularly the 10th are yogakarakas

- Exalted planets in mutual angles (kendras) in any houses in the horoscope are yogakarakas

Nativities born in above combinations rise high in life, even if born in low (castes, socio economic) circumstances, and if born in high socio-economic families rise even higher

B: There is also an alternative description given which is more stringent and involves the 9th and 10th house (signs therein) and union (sign conjunction) leads to dharma-karmadhipati (dharma=9; karma =10; adhipati=ruler/lord/owner) yogakaraka combination

C: And the most strict definition, one comes across, is the situation when any planet rules a trine and an angle (1,4,5,7,9,10 houses), then it becomes the yogakaraka for the chart. Sun and moon do not qualify in this since they only rule one sign each. Some jyotishis utilize these two luminaries too if they are in conjunction (also this would be a amavasya (new-moon) which is not considered auspicious/benefic per se! Aries and Scorpio which miss out on having a yogakaraka by consideration (C) thereby getting a back-door entry into the yogakaraka hall of fame (!). The common (dual; dwiswabhava) signs are considered devoid of having no yogakarakas or weak yogakarakas on two counts by virtue of some interpretations:
C1: Kendradhipatya dosha = natural benefics ruling angles, kendras become weak and even malefic
C2: Lagna is a trine as well as an angle (albeit with reduced potency).
- C2': has been extrapolated to imply that all lagneshas (lord of first house) are yogakarakas.

D: There might be even more subsequent and subsidiary recommendations and reinterpretations from different schools and cohorts, etc., about what or who should be considered a yogakaraka in a chart! Possibly some in the "OTHERS" that you mentioned!

Hence, my remark earlier about **compendium** and *Pandora's Box*...!

Having earlier expressed my personal views in this thread over tropical and sidereal astro-salad (using jyotish yoga and other concepts with tropical zodiac), I do not feel necessary to reiterate...!

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