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Re: Account for karmic life changes in Astrology derived & dependent on Birth Moment?

Originally Posted by mathur_dinesh View Post
The Prarabdha karma that decides the destiny of an individual at birth is a small part of the Sanchit karma that have accumulated over incarnations. To say that Kriyaman karma will alter the destiny in any birth will mean that the Kriyaman will become operative in that lifetime alone and will not form part of the Sanchit (accumulated) karmas. It goes contrary to the definition of Sanchit karma. This does not have authenticity since it cannot be verified by a living being and it is not stated in any classical text.
My understanding based on discussions and reading is that SANCHITA is full summation... while PRARABDH is the AMOUNT of KARMA out of SANCHIT that a SOUL or at DIVINE level one has DECIDED to EXPERIENCE & ENCOUNTER in X/ Current life.

The question is for CURRENT LIFE based on PRARABDH - luggage SNAPSHOT that is BROUGHT towards current life instance only..

If Luggage at Time = 0 (Time of Birth) is X,
Then Luggage at Time = Y years (e.g. Y = 30 years), is X +/- Delta X.

From that point onwards is there way to better DETERMINE JYOTISH PARAMETERS and UPDATE ones UPDATED Luggage Flow (X +/- Delta X) instead of still GAUGING only based on Karmic luggage X (from time of birth).

What Jyotish Parameters can/ should be used to SYNC / CORRELATE between.. LIFE FLOW begun at a BIRTH and LIFE FLOW having changed 30 years after BIRTH...

After all no Jyotish ever claims perfect THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE.. They highlight WHAT WILL BE, BASED on WHAT WE CAN SEE, BASED on WHAT LUGGAGE was CARRIED OVER at TIME of BIRTH.

Its like a Stock Market... you calculate investment strategy & stuff at time of IPO...

But 30 years later that Stock has UPDATED and one must find ways to UPDATE the next steps of Investment Strategy (of ONES LIFE).
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