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Re: Gemini sun/cancer asc/aqua moon says hello :)

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Careful, I said whole sign houses, not equal houses! There's a difference. In the higher latitudes Placidus doesn't work. But you have to try it out for yourself.
Ah- thanks for the clarification!! I tried it now, and it's still a bit confusing, though. Because if I use tha placidus system, pluto is now about to cross my DC and head into my 7th house. If I use the whole house system, pluto is now half way through my 7th (with acs-dc line in the middle of the 7th), and if i use the equal house system, I get yet another version with the planets changing houses/signs..

wish there was only one truth out there, would help me learn. But if you say placidus is not working at such high latitudes, the interpretations i've gotten and made for my chart must be revised.. With the whole sign system, my sun and jupiter are still in 12th, while by using the equal, they are in the 11th.. I struggle to see how i should pick one system and settle for that..
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