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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
I went with your explanation earlier. You said your 10th house is in Aquarius. Anyways, my bad. I should have actually looked at your chart.

Since you were born in the higher latitudes regions, some houses are rather small and some rather large which makes it a little confusing for beginners. So I suggest you try out whole sign houses where one house covers exactly one whole sign.

In your case that means the entire sign of Cancer is your 1st house, Leo your 2nd, etc.... and your 10th house would be in Aries then. So your chart ruler Moon is in the 8th in Aquarius, Sun as ruler of the 2nd in the 12th house in Gemini and Mars as ruler of the 10th in the 11th in Taurus.

Hope that makes sense.
Ah i see! My 10th is mainly in pisces but a small part of it in aquarius where the moon is placed.

Yeah i have read about the equal house system but it makes me kind of confused that houses may change signs just by chosing a different system.. it's like picking the "truth" that may suit us best.. makes it difficult for a beginner to learn this "science" :/ but ill try to learn
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