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Re: Gemini sun/cancer asc/aqua moon says hello :)

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Okay, apart from the Cancer/soul ascension, that makes some sense. Moon in Aquarius tends to have a more impersonal approach, Sun in the 12th may indicate interest in spirituality, especially with the aspects you've mentioned. And 1st house ruler (Moon) in the 10th is usually seen as very beneficial in terms of career. If you want to know more about your career you may try and find out where your 10th house ruler (Saturn/Uranus) is placed.
thanks for answering. Hmm now i am a tad confused. My 10th house in in pisces- I thought the rulers were neptune/jup then? Or is saturn and uranus also conneced to 10th house? Sorry, i am a rookie .. my natal saturn is in the 3rd and uranus in the 5th
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