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Re: Gemini sun/cancer asc/aqua moon says hello :)

Originally Posted by northernstar View Post
Thanks a lot! Hmm well, let's see if i can remember what he said (the following is just from the top of my head and probably referred in a lousy way ).. I think the first thing was that I have my moon in aquarius in the 10th house- which is a good placement careerwise- but also (according to him), this placement is about moving from the conscious to the subconscious, from the personal to the transpersonal. And since aquarius is connected to astrology, he emphasized this. astrology as timeless wisdom. Also, he said that the moon rules my cancer ascendant- and ascendant representing the future, then astrology would possibly be important here for me (the context was of course that he knew I had an interest in astrology, but am aiming to change my work situation from now on).

Then he emphasized my sun being placed in the 12th house, which is connected to the transpersonal sphere. And placed together w jupiter which represents expansion of consciousness, but also the soul (and here he kept emphasizing astrology as one of the pilars for timeless wisdom that could be one topic to move forw with for me). Then my sun is opp Neptune in my natal, and as far as i can recall he emphasized both jup and nep as good influences to my sun in terms of the subjective and things connected to the soul (again astro being one way to expand my subj knowledge as i have an interest in it). And then he emphasized my ascendant being in cancer- ascending up to the soul.I need to search enlightenment, and cancer is "about building an enlighted house- about me becoming an enlightes house (but not only with scientific wisdom)" (??) - again soul, subj knowledge-astro.

Sorry if this is extremely messy and a bad description of what he said, but these are the aspects i can remember him talking about. There were others as well, but don't recall now..
Okay, apart from the Cancer/soul ascension, that makes some sense. Moon in Aquarius tends to have a more impersonal approach, Sun in the 12th may indicate interest in spirituality, especially with the aspects you've mentioned. And 1st house ruler (Moon) in the 10th is usually seen as very beneficial in terms of career. If you want to know more about your career you may try and find out where your 10th house ruler (Saturn/Uranus) is placed.
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