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Re: 6 planets Conjunct in Capricorn

Originally Posted by dolly39 View Post
Thank you for replying.

I attached another chart.
from -

Mars 07:36 Capricorn
Mercury 26:09 Capricorn
Venus 20:55 Capricorn
Saturn 20:07 Capricorn

This would count as stellium, won't it?
I did not find much information on stelliums in vedic astrology, on internet.
What are your thoughts on 11th house stellium.
What books or websites would you suggest, where can I learn more about this topic.
In vedic astrology, the 11th house is considered the house of gains (of all sorts and from all kinds of sources) and a stellium or clusters of planets in one particular sign/house are considered as special yogas. Wherever you have such a cluster in your chart that's where your main focus in life will be. The houses cover specific life experiences and life environments. So if you have 4 planets in the 11th that means that the topics which are ruled by the 11th house will dominate your mind and experience at the expense of other life topics ruled by the other houses. That's neither good or bad, but it shows a rather strong focus/energy flow into one particular direction.
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