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Re: 6 planets Conjunct in Capricorn

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Dolly, in vedic astrology we use the sidereal zodiac and only the classical planets, which means your rising sign is Aquarius and Uranus and Neptune don't count. Which leaves Saturn, Mars and Venus in the 11th - only 3 Planets. And your chart ruler is Saturn and not Jupiter.
Thank you for replying.

I attached another chart.
from -

Mars 07:36 Capricorn
Mercury 26:09 Capricorn
Venus 20:55 Capricorn
Saturn 20:07 Capricorn

This would count as stellium, won't it?
I did not find much information on stelliums in vedic astrology, on internet.
What are your thoughts on 11th house stellium.
What books or websites would you suggest, where can I learn more about this topic.
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