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Re: Hello

~mystical~, we must inhabit alternative realities. Or maybe you are pulling the collective legs of people who feel the wavelengths of astrologyweekly????

Look, for many AWites , we wish we had a clearer sense of respect from the astrological forums.

I could never support linda goodman because of its inability to keep to the same story, day after day. It constantly changes its mind. Now, apparently, it is softening its position on correct astrology -- while blaming asteroids and and black moon lilith for influencing it directly.

Much of this thought is hateful towards astrologyweekly; and when it isn't directly hateful it shows a real insensitivity.

linda goodman and elsaelsa is not a success story in the subject of astrology. There is a reason why it does not stand up to scrutiny, and it isn't because the dark moon lilith makes you a sex goddess.

I care a lot about AW, and linda goodman and other astrology forums are scary.

I could go on in this way.

So even though you may be having your little joke, others on this thread are deadly serious.
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