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Re: What is Shani Good For!!! :-\ :-{


i am tauras - - and saturn is in 3 house for me .. i accept that evrything is delayed in my case , i am sure for a good reason .

during my saturn antardasha - -i didnt communicate much with anyone - my friends and family both. shani thou brought loads of luck . so i feel shani is good .

Originally Posted by midi View Post
Well, Shani, a natural Malefic graha is (I think), the worst of all, because whichever bhava Shani sits, it just delays the fruits of that bhava. For Libra and Taurus Ascendant, Shani is a Yogakaraka planet but its fruits are still Harsh. Let's say for Libra Ascendant people, if Shani is in 3rd house in Saggitarius-It will block your communication, courage and things related to your 3rd house, it will cast drishti upon its own house(5th), thereby delaying children and intelligence and education as well. It also casts drishti on 9th house of fortune and thus it blocks the good effects of the 9th house such as luck etc, etc. So what is the use being called Shani as a Yogakaraka???? If your not born under Libra and Taurus ascendant then you are lucky enough. If you have Libra and Taurus as an ascendant, then prepare to see the effects of your YOGAKARAKA SHANI....
Please have your say....?
I'm just fed up with Shani's activity!!! (duh)
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