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Re: What is Shani Good For!!!

Just as in Western, so too in Vedic, Saturn is generally regarded as "always bad": yet authorities in Western and in Vedic remind us that Saturn can become a functional benefic under a variety of circumstances, indeed, highly benefic in certain situations.
True, the nature of Saturn is what we might term "catabolic"-however part of that Saturnine nature includes patience, determination, fixity, longevity, concentration, detachment, and other potentially + qualities.
We know from the commonly available literature, about Saturn's -, hard, difficult or malefic potentials-however as an antidote to the common "always bad" misconception about Saturn, there are several books (deriving from Vedic astrology) which point out the numerous instances of the functionally benefic Saturn's influences: these books (available from numerous internet vendors of astrology books, such as include "Secrets of Saturn", "Saturn:friend or foe?", "Saturn the King-maker", "Saturn: Friend and Guide", etc...
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