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Re: Saturn Return for the USA

Originally Posted by Culpeper View Post
Today 28 August 2011 is the Saturn return of the USA. I thought it would be appropriate to post this. The return was exact just when Washington, DC, New York City, and Philadelphia were under a giant hurricane. The area also had an earthquake a few days before that cracked the Washington Monument. Severe flooding can be expected for several days yet, and Saturn is the ruler of floods and earthquakes.
So, what happened on the other seven Saturn Returns?

If you have the correct chart, you should be getting the same answer every time (I sure do -- because I have the correct chart) and you should have sufficient confidence to make predictions (I sure do -- because I have the correct chart), instead of looking back in hind-sight after the fact.
Addressing his pupil, Satyacharya said, "The science of Astrology is a great secret. It should be guarded with care. This sacred science of Astrology should never be taught to bad people. Nor should it be revealed to too many people and very frequently. It should be taught only to a few chosen disciples who really deserve and have the necessary qualifications."
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