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Re: Saturn Return for the USA

Originally Posted by Culpeper View Post
Today 28 August 2011 is the Saturn return of the USA. I thought it would be appropriate to post this. The return was exact just when Washington, DC, New York City, and Philadelphia were under a giant hurricane. The area also had an earthquake a few days before that cracked the Washington Monument. Severe flooding can be expected for several days yet, and Saturn is the ruler of floods and earthquakes.

A little less obvious is the deadlock in the Federal Government with a few tea party representatives holding the government hostage. And Saturn returns seem like they will never end, but eventually they do end. These returns are often miserable but seldom too deadly. There is a hyper link to a chart. I use the Libra rising chart for the USA.
Really interesting Culpeper.
I had a hard time seeing the chart...but I hear you!
I think generally all the drama that the USA is going through is a good a very much needed purification. All the nooks and crannies are being examined (pluto in cap). What is useful and authentic will remain. The dross and ineffectual will go. We take so much for granted here and it's a time where we have to opportunity to find out what is real and what is fabrication. Perhaps.
Anyway, generally these growing pains will indeed subside at some point, hopefully leaving a healthier, brighter and yes more compassionate, loving and integrated/less dualistic reality.
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