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Re: Aunt on Facebook

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
I could quote you 100 hundred studies on Argentina's economy.

But for what? you can't even answer the data I showed you on two other countries.

At this point you are just denying facts, because you can't answer them.
Dirius, your form of debate fallacy is called a red herring. It's a form of distraction. ("Hey! Look over there!")

The last I checked, this was a thread about how to handle discussions about Black Lives Matter, not whatever digression you feel like bringing up about the economy of New Zealand or some such.

I pay far more income tax than I care to mention. In Canada, however, we normally feel we get value in exchange, like a country that runs reasonably well, public education for all, and a respectable health care system.

But by all means, cite any of those articles on Argentina's economy that are written in English. I would read some of them.
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