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Re: Black Lives Matter, Marxist?

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
I am not completely knowledgeable if India can scale up productions to the level of China - as an exporter - so not sure China is so easily replaceable. China is pretty strong I think, but you can never know the truth with what that country actually 'chooses' to reveal to the world.

Pres. Xi is also said to be struggling to keep his people 'under control'. Sometimes I wonder if all the commotion that has to do with China - is partly intentional by Xi
At the rate India is growing, 6%-7% per year, they could easily become as productive as the chinese by 2025-2030.

They also have more ideological/cultural similarities with the U.S. than China does, which makes diplomacy, commerce and enforcement of agreements much easier for both.
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