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Re: Black Lives Matter, Marxist?

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post
Well, that's the problem with monopolized force. Since there's no competition, it can easily turn into an abuse of force. If the government doesn't hold the interest of the people or favors certain people over others, either there's a revolution, civil war, or countries with borders.

I hope that one day we can eradicate countries because whatever qualities that say, the Chinese have that differ from ours, are minimal and we can unite as individuals. We are all humans that want to be free at the end of the day.

It's no surprise to find out that countries that trade with one another are least likely to go to war.
Taking your last sentence first - the US and China trade with one another - so would your last sentence hold good for both of them as well?

Also, would you say that the US might be headed towards another civil war?

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