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Smile Re: Black Lives Matter, Marxist?

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
Yes, maybe he did it as a compromise to the republican party, or perhaps it was bad judgement on Trump's part. Maybe bolton had some information needed for a specific situation. No one here denies Trump can make mistakes. It is Imposible to know for certain what the reasons were for Trump selecting him. Trump did have many disagreements with him and eventually fired him.

What is certain is the man was a proven lier, who was hated by every single left-winger for over 20 years.

The irony is that once he released a book against Trump- he suddenly becomes a beloved icon for left-wingers. The same man they hated for 20 years, who is a proven liar.

It just shows how easy left-winger change positions, as long as it suits them.
I'm not going to read it.
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