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Re: Black Lives Matter, Marxist?

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
You are in Canada. You have no clue what is actually going on here. ..
Distance gives perspective.

This thread is the perfect example of some living IN this country that have far less clue about the most persistently prevalent indigenous social issues. Their responses give away their sheer ignorance and their repeated hollow assertions, seldom accompanied by trustworthy sources, their incomprehension of such issues, their rather peremptory and often unfair approach to appalling social stigmas that minorities suffer from generation after generation and how damaging they are to the 'free and better world they brag about'.

Interestingly enough, when somebody from outside the country says things that 'suit' them, they are deemed as 'in touch'. And, there are a no. of people on this very thread that are not residents of America.

Similarly, when a person not born in America living INside the country speaks their mind about existing issues or their History, since, like it or not, they are part of the society you live in, even if such comments are backed by reliable news sources, they are accused of 'hating the country, better yet, the entire West' or verbally sent packing off to a country that in the eyes of 'some' is 'ranks' much below than where they hail from. Is that what you call Equality and Justice? Is that what is Tolerance in your eyes? The same people when they criticise other countries they have perhaps never set foot in is ok? That should be tolerated? Seems just a wee bit hypocritical, if you ask me. If a non-American by birth, who might have a different perspective of things, because indeed they have lived in (a no. of) of other countries has to face ridicule and often gets to hear "leave if you don't find America good", could I ask what then gives people living here the right to criticise any other country? When a person lives somewhere, is integrated and part of a society, even if they are not born there, they have the right to express their opinion without fear of ridicule and being verbally shunted out just because you don't like what you hear!! Isn't that what Freedom of Speech entails? I can only imagine the plight if such a non-American is also a coloured person. Perhaps you live in an ignorant world yourself, or one that you have never set foot outside of, so all you know is what the media - that too the media you choose to refer to - want you to know, or what helps you feel great about yourself and what you identify with. The open-mindedness and freedom many love to gloat about is reflected right in one's responses and reactions. I often also ask myself why people of one country would not like a non-American for standing up for another American, or at least other residents of America? Have you ever thought of that? Doesn't that prove that such a person voicing such social issues is actually more concerned about this country than you might be?

Thankful that there indeed are more educated and mature people I have encountered both in this country and outside. And, since I have had the good fortune to travel extensively from the East to the West, not just the two coasts inside this country, but out there around the globe as well, as well as live in both those geographies of the world, let me tell you something that might come as a shock to some of you, there in fact are countries in the East, where many indigenous people are much ahead in their thinking and of a much more peaceful and forgiving character, and a far less condemning nature.

If there is one thing I have concluded, it is that a big portion of individualism and material well-being distance most (not all) from the really important things in life and (can) have a deep effect on their value-systems.

Finally, it does make me happy that the US of today is not the US of the 1960's, where black women working at NASA had to run in the rain when they needed to ease themselves because the bathrooms for blacks were made far from the main building, where white folk had theirs. At the same time, you cannot deny that racism is a plague this country has always suffered from, and still does, perhaps not that severely, but much much more severely than we would want to see in 2020.

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

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