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Smile Re: Black Lives Matter, Marxist?

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post
Yes, I'm aware.

Yes, and that responsibility is upholding individual rights, not collective rights.

No, police are necessary. Otherwise, we'd devolve into anarchy in which the most physically powerful would rule. Even though these rulers would be at the top, their lives would be better served in a free society.

Having police is an agreement of every individual that force is monopolized and owned by everyone. This force, then, can only be in the interest of the collective. The collective of individuals.

Since force is monopolized, there is no competition or demand for force. Force stagnates and declines. Everything becomes voluntary in which only individuals can only deal with one another rationally and consensually. Anyone who uses force outside of this monopoly is considered a criminal and will lose their individual rights.
The police need to be policed themselves, in order to ensure they protect the civil liberties of all individuals.
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