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Hi all.

I recently met this guy who happens to work in my neighborhood. We went on a date and all was well. That is... until his girlfriend texted me this morning....

We met because he just so happened to see me often exercising in a certain part of my neighborhood. I am someone who is very strict on my routine. (6th house sun and moon)

I NEVER want to see this man ever again in my life. And if that means I have to change my routine. So be it. However. He told me, if things got weird between us. He would ask his boss to change his route

I asked will he change his route ??

I am putting my interpretation in a separate comment. Please help if you can !!!
Okay so two interesting things to note about this chart is the asc is conjunct his natal sun. And the Sun of the chart squares my natal moon. Both exact.

I am Mercury in my fall. Because I am annoyed and disgusted. He is Jupiter also in his fall because he is probably embarrassed and scared to lose his girlfriend.

We donít make aspect to each other. At all. But what concerns me is the mars in the third house of communication squaring the moon. Maybe he will try to communicate with me and I will blow up on him ? The upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction in the fifth also worries me.

The Neptune in the 7th house is fitting !!!!
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