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Re: lost my ring

I cast the chart for the moment I read your question:
05 Nov 2019 TZ = -1.0 6.3800 A.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=14Sc46

There are testimonies it will be found!

Ruler of the 2nd house/ring is in 2nd house in Sag. So, it can be in an upper room, near the fire or radiator, the largest room of the house, places where entertainment of guests is held, rooms where insurance policies are kept, a room where pets are allowed in the house, place where prayer books and college books are stored, among college memorabilia, place where woolen products are stored, room where very expensive furniture or imported things are.
Ruler in 2nd house means to look at kitchen, storeroom or larder, cloakroom or wardrobe, room next to the entrance, or where money or precious things are kept; in safety deposit box. The bedroom, boudoir, furnishings.

Direction: north by east
Near colour: blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, green

POF is in 3rd house in Aq, so it can be in or near a built-in device or equipment, a shelf or a closet that is not part of the house, near electrical appliances, radios, televisions, computers, in a TV room with stereo equipment, near a telephone area, close to a meter panel or fuse box, close to a light in a room that has been remodeled or modernized, an additional room with modern furniture, part of the house that was in the original structure, in rooms upstairs, the attic, near a drafty window, planning or drafting room or a room with barely comfortable furniture.
POF in 3 house means to look also in the car or garage. A sibling may have it or know where it is. At home of the neighbors Look in a desk or where letters or books are kept. Look at the TV or media room, or where you study, or in some cupboard near stairway.
Also look among things for short journey.

Direction: Northeast
Near colour: violet, indigo, azure, green, grey, multi-colors, unusual shades, neons
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