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Re: Venus is Scorpio overrated?

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
I get you Plute!

I think they are generalising when they say All Scorpio Venus are sexy! Itís like me and you saying all Libraís are sexy but I know some dog ugly libras with dog ugly personalities! Itís generalising and not looking at the rest of the aspects. Take your example of Leonardo Dicaprio..... yes he is sexy but look at the rest of his placements to make him look like that. However I also think that some of these stars if we saw them walking down the street and they were never stars would we look at them twice or at all but thatís another thread lol
I think Venus Scorpio can be extremely sexy with the right placements but the any sign can be then. I know this girl with Venus Scorpio and she loves herself but sheís an idiot! Desperate for a man who is successful and will take any man to get to the top. Fool! They use her and dump her as sheís looking at the pound signs and they are looking at the I can have her on a plate sign easy ride!
Yeah, is that generalizing thing that we do too! haha
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