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Re: Beware of Spam!

The methods of spreading spam are getting very clever.

On face book, if you agreed to let a 3rd party access your account, there might be a chance that you've allowed spammers to use your account. This happens a lot because when people play games or take quizzes through face book, you check an agreement so that the 3rd party app can post your statistics and interaction with them on your wall/share them to other walls.

If you have gotten those messages on face book that says "Hey, are you mad?" and then they suddenly post a cryptic link, clicking those links will probably let a 3rd party access your account so they can take over and send messages to other people. Then the cycle goes on.
One of the people I've added sent everyone on their friends list a video with a provocative title so everyone could click it, and once it was clicked it will access your account and make your account post the spam.

I'm not sure if it's only the 3rd party apps or if there's some virus that does it actually, but that's what I can think of right now. It's not happening only on face book, but other social apps too.
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