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Re: Classification of Signs Part 2: How to count your elements

Calculating Planetary weight

Using the Lyn Birkbeck system on how to calculate the planetary weight for the elements, from the book Instant Astrologer: Using this method see what element your planets are in and score them using the system below. For example Sun in water scores 4 points, and Pluto in water would score 1 point, you score all of the planets this way according to the element the planet is placed. I will show you further down how to calculate the elements using a chart example.

How do I count up the planets in their elements?

Sun and Moon = 4 points each
Mercury, Venus, Mars = 3 points each
Jupiter and Saturn = 2 points each
Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto 1 point each
Ascendant (Rising sign) = 4 points
Midheaven = 2 points

What element is under or overemphasised?

4 points or less in that element makes that element UNDER-EMPHASISED
12 points or more makes that element OVER EMPHASISED
5-11 points makes that element BALANCED, with strength of that element according to how near 5 or 11 it's weight is.

Can anything in my chart compensate for lack of element?

Under emphasis in Fire - Look to Sun, Mars, Jupiter any placements in 1st, 5th, or 9th.
Under emphasis Earth - Look to Saturn and any placements in 2nd, 6th, or 10th
Under emphasis in Air - Look to Mercury and Uranus and any placements in 3rd, 7th, or 11th.
Under emphasis in Water - Look to Moon and Neptune and any planets in 4th, 8th or 12th.

What about counting up the Modes?

You count up the Modes exactly the way you did the elements.

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