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Re: Help me work on a negative trait of mine?

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I have always loved being productive (school and university wise) until something puts pressure on me, like an exam. Basically, when the date of the exam is close, I stop studying whatsoever and turn to staying home doing nothing, or gaming, ignoring the fact I have that exam. Even when I start feeling anxious I physically and mentally can't do anything to change my actions; it's like a war inside my head between two different people - one that needs the excellence and one that has given up and couldn't care less.

I feel like some of the escapism might come from my Taurus moon,

but is there anything else in my chart that I need to look out for? Also, where is the weak energy that tries to push me into getting things done coming from?

I'm so sorry if this comes across as very confusing, but any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance and hope you have a nice day!
the following are some of the significations of Taurus aka The Bull

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The image of the Bull is feminine, nocturnal
It indicates celebrations, affairs, agriculture, family and property.

Domicile of Venus, exaltation of Moon

The first 8 belong to Venus - love, skilled in the arts, graceful
The next 6 belong to Mercury - peaceful, leadership, trustees
The next 8 belong to Jupiter - beauty, reputation, unexpected advancement
The next 5 belong to Saturn - relaxations, reduction of wealth
The final 3 belong to Mars - violent, condemnations, lawsuits, injuries

Such, then, are the observations of the effects of the stars as made by our predecessors.

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