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Will my ex and I reunite as a couple again?


I'm new to this forum. I would like to get your analysis for a chart I drew earlier this week. Please help me with this. I have also attached the chart.

My ex called off our relationship on Nov 3 owing to excess work stress and was unable to handle our relationship. We know each other for a decade. He persuaded me into the relationship and it was mutual.

However, now the situation has changed. My ex did tell me that he will come back after sorting our the work. But I got impatient because our communication had 1significantly watered down the last few weeks. And therefore, the breakup.

I drew a chart earlier this week to see whether we will patch up. Horary no: 48 Date: Nov 12 2019 Time: 22:06:57

RPs: Mercury (Rx), Rahu, Jupiter

Rahu is an agent for mercury and is aspected by RP Jupiter.

Mercury is lagna lord in Gemini and is deposited in 5th house with Sun (deblitated) and Mars in star of mercury Rx. Venus is the lord of 12th and 5th house and is deposited in 6th house (but 5th cusp) whose lord is Mars. Mars owns 11th and 5th house. So Mars and Venus are in each other's houses.

Moon is in 11th house. Third house lord is Sun (deblitated). 7th house lord jupiter is in his own house (6th cusp) along with Saturn and Ketu.

Moon, lagna, 5th, 7th and 11th are all in trinal position.

Please can you tell me whether my ex and I will patch up? Will my ex make the first move?

I'm really hoping to hear your analysis on this chart. Thank you for your guidance in advance.
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