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Re: Will she agree?

Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
Regarding sun's sextile to saturn about 8 units i don't think you were prepared to wait for so long and having sun in a fixed sign and angular and saturn cardinal and succedent i would have said about 8 weeks...if not longer, as medium time .
i wish you all the best

hmm, later i have put a new chart asking about when will we move , may be that would give us a hint about the timing as we would only move if we find a house as we have no other place to stay there if we rush more over its school times so we would be stupid to rush right now. if only we manage to find a house may be they make an agreement in trust (we have our family and friends there may be they can arrange for a video call for us to talk to the agents or landlord. proving that our requests are genuine...then may be we can go there without any worry.
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