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Re: what will be the outcome?

Moon voc and late ac (could indicates that the landlord recently just gave the house to someone else). So we need superior indications now for a Yes. We want to see moon (when in sagittarius) and mercury in good aspects with sun, jupiter or saturn. The only aspect we see here is a moon-jupiter conjunction in sagittarius. Saturn (The landlord) is in moon's triplicity and detriment and jupiter's (significator for the move and your husband) term and fall. So he likes you but there are nevertheless doubts on his side. Moon is currently in scorpio in his own fall. However soon mercury and moon are going to enter into the sign, which is ruled by jupiter. (Jupiter is not only the significator for the move, also he could represents the next house you will find.) Overall I don't think you get this house but after that you will find and get the right house. This is represented by moon sextile mars (= next landlord), who is in good mutual reception with mercury and at last moon conjunction with jupiter=you will get the next house and proceeding to the next step and could fully concentrate on your move.
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