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Re: Let's talk Scorpio and the revenge thing, seems more bark than bite.

Originally Posted by Opal View Post
I knew Scorpio woman many years ago. She rented a large home, outside of town. She met this guy, he moved in. She bored of him, so she started seeing another man. She moved him in to the house. She bored of him. At one point she had five guys living in the home, none left, you could feel the tension in the house, but none left. It was different. Rather weird, rather uncomfortable place to visit, so we stopped.
So she had her current boyfriend and four exes all living with her at once? Did they all know about her relationships with the others? I don't see how they could've been living together and not known.

Sounds like a strange kind of polyamorous arrangement to me.

Makes me wonder what kind of configuration her seventh house had, and what was going on with her Uranus. Do you know which Uranus sign generation she belongs to?
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