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My first ex was a stereotypically vindictive, secretive and manipulative type of scorpio. When he dumped me online, he made it sound as if the breakdown of the relationship was my fault. Then he called me a couple of days later as if to get back together with me but then a few days after that he mysteriously back-tracked and was being extremely cruel and vindictive for no seemingly visible reason. The things he said were so under-the-skin sly and savage that it traumatised me and I kept angrily ruminating over them for a couple of years after that until I finally got over him. He made me feel so powerless and emotionally traumatised during the whole break up that I was actually wary of scorpios for a while after that. Wow, what a nice introduction into the dating world. I thought most guys would be as cruel as him. When we were at mutual friends' parties a few months later, he treated me like I was air, which just added to the hurt even more.

Needless to say, years later I found out that, while we were together (albeit briefly) he'd been cheating on me and, unbeknownst to me, he and a mutual friend of ours had a temporary fall-out over it because the friend was angry with him for what he was doing behind my back 🤣. I felt pretty vindicated when I found that out (though I already no longer felt like I was at fault).
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