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Re: I am not sure if I am a Leo or Virgo rising in my chart

Originally Posted by The19thLaw View Post
Like which reading would be more relevant to me, one for Leo risings or one for Virgo risings?
Looking at your chart, I notice you were likely born in 92. I am very familiar with charts from that time period because my kids were born then too. So I did a lot of their friends charts over the years.

One thing I noted about 92, was that Leo's born that year, are not always your typical Leo's. They do not always tend towards all of the usual Leo characteristics because of two other planetary placements that year:

Saturn opposing from Aquarius

Pluto squaring from Scorpio

and Chiron aligning with the personals in Leo itself.

My daughter's longtime boyfriend has Chiron conjunct his Sun, Saturn opposed his Sun and Pluto square his Sun/Chiron conjunction.

It took me a couple years to see that strong Leo nature reveal itself, underneath the more subdued, controlled, reserved strong, silent persona.

He is very proud and loyal, is devoted to family and friends, loves children and is optimistic. <<<<Those are all Leo traits

And yet that strong Leo self confidence was a little lacking because of the Chiron/Saturn forcing him to question himself more than the average Leo stellium might do.

He HATES being the centre of attention. He likes to be lowkey. In social situations, he prefers to stay in the background and watch things unfold.

My daughter is a Gemini/Aquarius with Sag rising. She is often on centre stage and is a social butterfly. He enjoys going places with her, but prefers to sit back and watch quietly, as opposed to being in the limelight.

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