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Originally Posted by Zora View Post

This is a crime for a real believing catholic person and a heavy guilt as far as religious faith and belief is concerned. Saturn is the inner judge in every chart and your is in prenatal house 12th together with your moon as ruler of 4th house also mother you took subconsciously her thoughts and perhaps also her fears to get punished for what she did before and to me this is the reason for your anxiety and unexplainable panic attacks as subconsious memory was opened with 8th house ruler and its transit on.

Saturn opposes very exact your virgo chiron in 6th house - health - at time of your own birth.
Like I said before the panic attacks have nothing to do with guilt and my mother and I can assure you that her abortions are not at all causing my panic attacks and I can 100% assure you that no guilt has ever come from her decisions from either of us. I know for a fact she has no guilt about doing what she did because we've talked about it. The panic attacks are hereditary through my fathers side as confirmed by him having exactly similar experiences to me and also explaining that his mother went through the same exact thing as me. This is something I've struggled with my entire life and has nothing to do with my mother. Panic attacks are a bodies abnormal fight or flight response and you're really reaching claiming that my chart says that it is a punishment for what my mother has done. It has absolutely nothing to do with her. The moon in my chart corresponds to my father.
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