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Re: career direction

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
10th Sign and also the MC are concerned with Career
Assuming timing of chart is reliably based on medical records or birth certificate
and not from memory or anecdotal
Sun may indicate a career involving leadership or authority
that's dependent on the consideration of the entire chart

thanks a lot for being the first to look into my question,
i had forgotten about cazimis and the like, it seems to be a very divided opinion about them, most people not taking them at all and not too much information. Also my birth date is only confirmed by my mother+father, so not up to the minute but very much sure about the time frame (after 2pm, before 3pm)

also, a question because the terminology of the links you posted that is rather newish for me: are they based in a specific branch of astrology? or is it the epoch of their writing? a bit curious about it,
thank you
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