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Re: Trouble with making friends with people from my country?

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Hey thank you for your reply! I think some negative karma to my home city, nation or country might be involved. I'm actually thinking of relocating to Western Europe, so I'll have Sun in the 12th there. No major lines there except a Pluto one I'll avoid. What you say about Moon and Pluto makes sense. I think Moon fully moves to the 4th in Western Europe. Despite my Jupiter line here, getting a good job has been hard.

I read that the 1st house is most important in a relocated chart. I remember how I was more attractive to women with my 1st house and Asc being Leo. Here in Eastern Europe my 1st house and Asc is in Virgo so I come off/act more reserved and it's harder to tap into Leo energy. I kinda feel like a little kid here and I come off less attractive to women.

I don't really do well in groups. Here in my home city I can never even find one while further west in Central Europe (but with mostly same positions) I was involved in hiking groups and made more than a dozen friends in less than a year period. I always had someone to drink/go out with. Whenever I ask on Fb for going to events/meeting ppl from Fb like I did in Central Europe, something happens. Either there are no available communities, the meeting gets cancelled or sth else. It must be karma related to the place or/and the Neptune/Moon nodes paran. But how can it override the Jupiter and small Sun line?

In my home city I've had less fforriends my whole life back home! My Moon IC line was too emotional to live on, however, so I left. I wonder if Moon square As and Jupiter square As lines in Germany are as bad as says? I have a Merc line there however (my least aspected planet) and Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Mercury parans. For whatever reason I feel attracted to Germany (as well as Hungary, Portugal, Spain and Poland) the most.

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It's impossible for your skin to turn yellowish just because you're living on your Pluto line. Something has to be physically happening, in your body, for that to occur, and there are only two possible causes: either you've been eating a ton of carrots - but you would have to eat lots and lots and lots of them, constantly, over a long period of time, for that to happen, and it wouldn't affect your ability to tan - or, much more likely, you have jaundice. That's a liver problem, and it can be very serious. You need medical attention, and quickly. Relocating will do nothing for it.

When it comes to relocation astrology, your original natal chart doesn't change. No matter where in the world you live, you still have the same rising sign and the same house placements for everything. A relocation chart overlays your natal chart, but doesn't substitute for it. All that happens is that certain areas of your life might get emphasized in slightly different ways.

If you move to Paris, you won't become a Leo rising. You'll still be a Cancer with Virgo rising, and you'll still meet the world in a Virgo way. All that will happen is that your natal twelfth house will become the location for your relocated ascendant. Since Leo is the hidden, secretive, deeply unconscious and possibly isolated part of the zodiac for you, relocating your AC there will, if anything, make you more isolated instead of less. You would be meeting Paris through your twelfth house. Relocating your sun to the twelfth only serves to double emphasize that.

It's possible to become a more social Virgo rising, as long as you do it in a way that fits the parameters of Virgo. You can do that no matter where in the world you live. But you can't become more social by trying to force yourself into a Leo rising mold. It doesn't work that way.

And if you want your chart read, please don't post it as a PDF. It's impossible to open those on many devices - mine included - without downloading them. People shouldn't be forced to download your charts.
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