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Will my health be ok in Thailand

I posted the below in horary and someone recommended a relocation chart to see what showed. I really know nothing about relocation charts. I see a lot of planets transiting the 7th, which I find interesting and take that it could be positive for partnership. I would be grateful for insight if my health will be ok while in Thailand. I know Virgo rules digestion so interesting that is my ascendent on this chart, but not sure how to interpret.

I am supposed to travel to Thailand tomorrow to volunteer with the elephants. However, for the last few weeks I have been having a lot digestive cramping pain issues that don't seem to be going away. I have eaten almost nothing the last week and am thirsty and tired. I think it is a diverticulitis flare up, but don't know for sure. Yes, I saw an MD. Monday, but I live in Amsterdam and I am a bit of spoiled American. WHen I had a much milder flare up two years ago in the states, I was on pain meds almost immediately, given a CT scan, the whole nine yards. In Amsterdam, I am not so convinced he believes me I have diverticulitis. He tested my stool for a bacterial infection, tested my blood, did a whole lot of palpitating of my stomach despite it hurting like hell. Of course, the stool sample came back with no bacteria. He did not test for blood despite I said I had blood in my stool. No ED visits here unless you go via an ambulance. So not sure what to do at this point. He seems unconcerned, but I am not convinced. If I stayed I would continue to push the issue and no doubt eventually get referred to a specialist. That could take a few weeks. So my question if I go to Thailand will I be ok - just uncomfortable. I am at the point I am uncomfortable here or there. Of course it is a big financial loss if I don't go Tryng not to go down that dark path of fear because I see blood in my stool.
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